The closer to a building, the clearer the details.
But then you miss the contours. PANURBANA shows both.

I collect buildings. I do this by taking photos of a building from a certain perspective.
I glue these photos together like a collage so that a new building is created: a Panurbana.
At the moment I am collecting buildings in Amsterdam to make an atlas of them.

In Panurbana's panoramic photos, I explore time, space and different types of perspectives within the photo.

Every week a new collage of a building or construction that has been photographed somewhere in the world appears on social media (Facebook, instagram, flickr and youtube)

Panurbana 172 brouwhuis Heineken

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Panurbana 172

brouwhuis Heineken

collage:  10 photos
format: 120 x 90 cm

Amsterdam 2020

On February 15, 1864, Gerard Adriaan Heineken (1841-1893) took over the Hooiberg brewery
(see Panurbana 156) and changed the name to the company Heineken & Co.
Due to the filling in of the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, it was decided to move the brewery
to a meadow on the edge of the city (now the Pijp) on the Stadhouderskade.
The brewery was built directly opposite the Heineken villa that Gerard Adriaan Heineken
had built in 1891 (see Panurbana 55) so that he had a nice view of his own beer brewery.
The brewhouse was designed by architect Arie Heederik (1862-1937).
The building is a six-storey high building with a large tile tableau on the facade
with the name of the brewery. To the left of the brewhouse is the former silo (1925)

for storing malt and to the right is the cold store (1934).
Beer production ended in 1988. Today the building is a visitor center,
where you can learn about the history of Heineken.