The closer to a building, the clearer the details.
But then you miss the contours. PANURBANA shows both.

I collect buildings. I do this by taking photos of a building from a certain perspective.
I glue these photos together like a collage so that a new building is created: a Panurbana.
At the moment I am collecting buildings in Amsterdam to make an atlas of them.

In Panurbana's panoramic photos, I explore time, space and different types of perspectives within the photo.

Every week a new collage of a building or construction that has been photographed somewhere in the world appears on social media (Facebook, instagram, flickr and youtube).

Panurbana 61 Anton de Kom

Panurbana 61 Anton de Kom

collage: 04 photos 

format: 60 x 100 cm 

Amsterdam 2021

Monument Anton de Kom (Paramaribo 1898 - 1945 Camp Sandbostel) Anticolonial writer, poet,

activist, baneling, freedom fighter and resistance hero. 

Bronze statue made by Jikke van Loon (1971) and unveiled in 2006 on the Bijlmerdreef on Anton de Komplein. 

Anton de Kom emigrates to the Netherlands in 1920 and writes: We slaves of Suriname. 

According to De Kom, the Surinamese people must be taught patriotism and nationalism. 

This is best done through an extensive history, in which rebellious ex-slaves are the heroes.

In 1934: We slaves of Suriname is published. 

On August 7, 1944, Anton de Kom was arrested by the German occupier and deported to Neuengamme

where he died at the age of 47 in Camp Sandbostel.