The closer to a building, the clearer the details.

But then you miss the contours. PANURBANA shows both.

I photograph buildings and I call that photo collection Panurbana.

PAN stands for Panorama and Urbana for city.

I photograph the buildings from a fixed point of view and take different photos.

After developing the film, I glue the photos together and create a collage. A Panurbana.

I experiment and explore time, space within the photo.

Every Thursday morning at 7 am a new Panurbana is online and can be seen

on social media such as: Instagram, youtube, flickr and my website:


self portrait 1986 - 2016

Marc Rietdijk (05-08-1968, Amsterdam) is a photographer en filmmaker.

Marc is a storyteller and he does that with images.

Two or three-dimensional and moving or not. Images that encourage you to look into what you can get lost in, and leave space to the imagination.

His photography is a quest: How much image do you need? When does viewing change to seeing? And seeing and experiencing and imagining?

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Panurbana ART puzzle

In honor of the 10th Panurbana, panorama video, a special

ART Puzzle of 500 pieces has been made.

Now for sale Panurbana, Westertoren
Sent an email for: numbers of puzzle pieces an prizes