Panurbana 055 Heineken villa

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Panurbana 055 Heineken villa

collage: 15  photos

format: 120 x 120 cm 

Amsterdam 2020

Villa Heineken was built by order of Gerard Adriaan Heineken (1814-1893) founder of the Heineken brewery.

The villa was designed in 1891 by D. van Gendt and has a view of the Heineken brewery across the Singelgracht.

Van Gendt built the villa in a mixture of architectural styles. On the second floor to the right above the entrance

are two tile panels that refer to trade and grain cultivation.

Van Gendt was also responsible for the construction of: the Paleis voor Volksvlijt, the Frascati theatre,

the Dutch horseriding school and the Burgerziekenhuis.

Gerard Adriaan Heineken was a member of the municipality of Amsterdam for six years from 1871 and was involved

in the realization of the construction of the North Sea Canal, Rijksmuseum and the Amstelhotel.