Panurbana 033 de Waag

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Panurbana 033 de Waag

collage: 9 photos

format: 140 x 100 cm

Amsterdam 2020

De Waag or Sint Antoniespoort is a city gate from 1425 every evening at 9.30 pm

the gate was closed and the city was hermetically sealed off from the outside world.

The Sint Antoniespoort was converted into a weighing house in 1618 where

heavy goods such as tobacco, ship anchors or cannons were weighed.

The upper floors housed the guilds, such as those of the: painters, masons, cobblers and surgeons.

Rembrandt's painting: "The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp"

is situated in the Theatrum Anatomicumde on the top floor.