Panurbana 042 Vincent van Gogh museum

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Panurbana 042 Vincent van Gogh museum

collage: 22 photos 

format: 150 x 90 cm 

Amsterdam 2020

Vincent van Gogh (Zundert, 1853- Auvers sur Oise, 1890) was a Dutch art painter and pioneer in expressionist painting. 

Despite an enormous oeuvre, Vincent van Gogh only sold two paintings in his lifetime. 

The Vincent van Gogh Museum has the largest collection of the artist’s paintings, drawings and letters. 

The museum was designed by Gerrit Rietveld and opened on June 2, 1973. 

The new exhibition wing was designed by Kisho Kurikawa (1934–2007) and completed in 1999. 

The new elliptical entrance building of the Van Gogh Museum opened to the public in September 2015. 

More than 2 million visitors come to the museum every year.