Panurbana 050 mama Baranka

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Panurbana 050 mama Baranka

collage: 9  photos

format: 85 x 60 cm 

Amsterdam 2021

Mama Baranka (Mother Earth) sculpture by Nelson Carriho (1953 in Curaçao) 

was made in memory of the violent death of Kerwin Lucas (Duinmeijer). 

The 15-year-old Antillean Kerwin Lucas (Duinmeijer) was stabbed in the Damstraat 

on August 20, 1983 by the 16-year-old skinhead Nico Bodemeijer. 

A taxi driver refused to transport the bleeding victim. Kerwin died 

later that night from his injuries in hospital. 

The statue was unveiled on August 25, 1984 during the first commemoration

 of Kerwin (Lucas) Duinmeijer’s death in the Vondelpark. 

On the plinth is the text: 

Let Amsterdam once stronghold of tolerance 

Continue to carry the torch of tolerance. 

Because his skin color could not be tolerated. 

Here a human child fell out of intolerance!