Panurbana 053 Natura Artis Magistra

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Panurbana 053 Natura Artis Magistra

collage: 12  photos

format: 120 x 70 cm 

Amsterdam 2020

Artis is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands, founded on May 1, 1838.

The motto is: 'Natura Artis Magistra' (nature is the teacher of art).

In the early years, the zoo's collection consisted of

a Naturalies Cabinet and a motley collection of exotic animals.

Its purpose was "To promote the knowledge of natural history in a pleasant and illustrative way.

" Due to the high membership fee, access to the zoo was restricted to wealthy citizens.

From 1851, the access policy was adjusted and guests were admitted (on special days in September)

accompanied by a member of the society.

Nowadays, education is becoming increasingly important and the zoo is opting for fewer animals,

which are given more space and can live under more natural conditions.