Panurbana 068 Paradiso

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Panurbana 068 Paradiso

collage: 9  photos

format: 100 x 100 cm

Amsterdam 2021

Association building of the denomination: ‘the free congregation' founded in 1879 by the Hugenholtz brothers. 

Philip Reinhard Hugenholtz (1821-1889) and Petrus Hermannus Hugenholtz (1834-1911). 

They wanted a liberal religion that suited the modern way of life of man, and therefore refused to call the building a church.

The building was designed by the architect G.B. Salm (1831-1897) who designed 

the Krasnapolsky Winter Garden and several buildings in Artis. 

When the society moved in 1967, the building was squatted. 

Willem de Ridder (1939), Ruud Tegelaar (1942) and Koos Zwart (1947-2014) opened

the 'cosmic relaxation center Paradiso' in 1968. Famous bands such as: Captain Beefheart, 

Pink Floyd and the Roling stones performed.

Since the renovation in 1993, the pop temple has new stained glass windows designed by the artists

Hans van Houwelingen (1957) and Bernard Strik (1960). 

Each window has its own theme of creation, love, work, nature and death.