Panurbana 071 Haarlemmermeerstation

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Panurbana 071 Haarlemmermeerstation

collage: 19  photos

format: 160 x 100 cm 

Amsterdam 2020

Willemsparkstation built in 1915 and renamed Haarlemmermeerstation in 1933. 

Haarlemmermeer station is a terminus, the design of the station is Karel de Bazel (1869-1923)

and carried out by architect H. van Emmerik a disciple of Karel de Bazel. 

At the same time as the station was being built, a tram depot was built so that train passengers

could be transported directly to the city center by tram. 

The Haarlemmermeer station was the starting point of the Haarlemmermeer line to Aalsmeer and Uithoorn via Amstelveen.

In 1950 the train connection was closed and the track was  used for goods transport until 1972.

Since 1975 the track has been in use by the EMA, the electric Museumtram Amsterdam, and a café is located in the station