Panurbana 077 Cinétol

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Panurbana 077 Cinétol

collage: 15 photos
format: 190 x 80 cm

Amsterdam 2021

Cinetol built in 1929 as meeting center of the Theosophical Society. 

The building was designed by the architects Johannes Brinkman (1902-1949)

and Leendert Cornelis van der Vlugt (1894-1936).

Cinetol is designed in the 'new objectivity' style and built in reinforced concrete

with many steel windows and a green copper roof. 

In 1943 the building was requisitioned by the German occupier and the Thalia cinema was opened. 

After the war it remained a cinema, first under the name Cultura, later as Cinétol. 

Cinétol operator Cor Koppies (1936-1998) exclusively programmed artistic and cult films. 

Cinétol closed in 1979, after which Koppies founded film house Cinecenter. 

Behind the building is a large courtyard, where 'de Tolkresj' has been located since 1970. 

Today Cinetol is a small music venue and breeding ground for creatives.