Panurbana 078 ondergrondse fietsenstalling bij CS

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Panurbana 078

ondergrondse fietsenstalling bij CS

collage: 15 photos
format: 190 x 80 cm

Amsterdam 2021

Where normally the tour boats moor in front of the Central Station. 

The water has now been pumped out to create a large bicycle cellar at the bottom. 

The bicycle cellar is located 9 meters below ground level and will soon be accessible by moving walkways.

 It has a size of 100 by 85 meters and a capacity for 7000 bicycles. 

At the connecting tunnel to the metro and the station two works of art (sgraffito) by Lex Horn (1916-1968) will be placed. 

A glass window 150 meters wide will be placed on the rear wall on the south side. 

This water-patterned window is lit from behind and serves as a landmark. 

After the construction of the bicycle cellar, the tour boats will return.