Panurbana 086 de Omval

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Panurbana 086 de Omval

collage: 59 photos
format: 230 x 150 cm

Amsterdam 2021

De Omval is a spit of land on the eastern side of the Amstel River. 

A rustic rural setting in the 18th century with beautiful country houses along the banks. 

The steam chocolate factory Blooker was located here from 1886. 

The smell of chocolate could sometimes be smelled in the city. 

Only the gatehouse of the factory remains and is now a cafe. 

Tall office buildings now stand on the old business park. 

The Rembrandt Tower (1995) 150 meters high, 35 floors 

and inspired on the Empire State Building. 

The Breitner Tower 95 meters high, 23 floors, here 

is the headquarters located at Philips.