Panurbana 092 koelhuis de Zwijger

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Panurbana 092

koelhuis de Zwijger

collage: 17 photos
format: 230 x 160 cm

Amsterdam 2022

Cooling warehouse de Zwijger was built in 1934 on behalf of Blaauwhoedenveem - Vriesseveem NV. 

It was one of the most modern cold stores with a storage capacity of 6500 m2 to store perishable goods. 

The design is by the architect Bie Leuvink Tjeenk (1885-1940) and K.Bakker.

The warehouse is characterized by the use of mushroom pillars and the use of reinforced concrete. 

In the 1980s, the building becomes vacant and is squatted and used as an underground hotspot and rehearsal house for bands. 

In 1999, the Jan Schaefer Bridge is built right through the warehouse, a connection to Java Island. 

The bridge was designed by Ton Venhoeven (1954). 

Today, de Zwijger warehouse has a multi-company building for cultural institutions.