Panurbana 099 Doe iets

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Panurbana 099

Doe iets

collage: 8 photos
format: 180 x 100 cm

Amsterdam 2022

"Do something" can be read on the railway bridge of the Wibautstraat. 

It is a artwork by the artist Serge Verheugen (1963). 

I cycled past it one morning, the text illuminated by the morning fencer. 

At first it irritated me, I'm doing something, I'm not in a car, I cycle. 

That same day after work I took this picture, I'm doing something. 

The metal parts of the text have been reused from an earlier artwork "Bye Bye” 

with which travelers were waved goodbye at Schiphol airport. 

In 2006 Serge Verheugen recycled the artwork in the text "Do something”.

In 2011, the artwork was moved from the Westergas site to the Wibautspoorbrug.