Panurbana 102 Schellingwouderbrug

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Panurbana 102


collage: 8 photos
format: 180 x 90 cm

Amsterdam 2022

The Schellingwouderbrug is the first fixed connection between
Amsterdam North side and the Zeeburgereiland.
Via the Amsterdamsebrug on the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal
since 1957 connected to the east side of Amsterdam.
The Schellingwouderbrug is 791 meters long, the passage for
boats width is 18 meters and passage height 8.6 meters in a closed position.
You always cycle on the bridge with a headwind. Behind the bridge the Oranjesluizen
built in 1872, used to maintain the water level of the North Sea Canal.
And to prevent an excess of salty water flows into the IJ lake.
The Zeeburger Island was a naval harbor for water planes from 1916 to 1945,
from 1970 to 2006 there was the ‘Sewage Purification East’ on the island.
After the sewage treatment has moved to the western port area, 5 residential areas
are being built: Sportheldenbuurt, Sluisbuurt, East and West Bay neighborhood.