Panurbana 111 Kattenkabinet

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Panurbana 111

collage: 7 photos
format: 140 x 80 cm

Amsterdam 2022

The Kattenkabinet is perhaps the nicest museum in Amsterdam,

founded in 1990 by Bob Meijer (1946).
The museum in memory of his red tomcat John Pierpont Morgan (1966-1983).
The Kattenkabinet has five old period rooms and is full of cat art.
The collection includes paintings, photographs, sculptures and other works of art

dedicated to the four-legged friends.
The museum is inhabited by five cats who tolerate visitors in their domain.
The Kattenkabinet is located in the Golden Bend and was built in 1667 for the brothers
Willem (1633-1695) and Adriaen 1631-1722) van Loon.
The Kattenkabinet has been located here since 1990.