Panurbana 113 Engelse Episcopale Kerk

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Panurbana 113

Amsterdam Atlas
collage: 12 photos
format: 150 x 150 cm

Amsterdam 2022

The English Episcopal Church was founded in 1698 and held services in various places.
In 1771 it took up residence in the meeting room of the 'staal meesters' of the Staalhof.
De Staalhof; a collective name for the building complex of the cloth industry.
It contained ‘de Saaihal’, ‘de Zijdehal’ and ‘de Lakenhal’, here the ‘stalen’ (samples) were
of the fabrics inspected by the ‘staalmeesters’. ‘The staal meesters’ were immortalized

in 1662 by the painter Rembrandt van Rijn. In 1827 the Cloth Hall was rebuilt for

the English Episcopal Church. To enlarge the church hall, the attic was broken out

of the Cloth Hall. The neo-Gothic facade of the church is inspired by the Dublin Cathedral.
Behind the facade is the house of the chaplain and a vestry. The entrance to

the church is in a courtyard behind the house.