Panurbana 119 badhuis A. Bonnstraat

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Panurbana 119

badhuis A. Bonnstraat

Amsterdam Atlas
collage: de 9 photos
format: 120 x 80 cm

 Amsterdam 2022

The bathhouse, designed by Arend Jan Westerman (1884-1966), opened in 1921.
The bathhouses were mainly built for the workers who had no sanitary facilities.
With the 'Badhuizenplan' of alderman Monne de Miranda (1875-1942),
fourteen bathhouses were built and eleven children's bathhouses.
The local residents could take a bath or shower for a small fee.
The bathhouse has a domed roof with a chimney in the middle.
There are two separate entrances one for men and women.
In the middle the waiting rooms, the showers and the baths in a ring around it.
The bathhouse was closed in 1986, today the ‘Bdhuis theater’ is located there.