Panurbana 120 theater Carré

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Panurbana 120

theater Carré

Amsterdam Atlas
collage: 10 photos
format: 110 x 65 cm

 Amsterdam 2022

Oscar Carré (1845-1911) son of Wilhelm and mother Cornelia Adriana was
a member of a German circus family that traveled all over Europe.
Since 1864, the Carré family also visited Amsterdam and performed in various places
in the city, such as in the garden of the Paleis van Volksvlijt and on the Amstelveld.
In 1886 Oscar Carré can realize his plans for a stone circus building,
he gets the necessary budget by means of a bond loan.
The architects Van Rossem and Vuijk designed the building, following the example
of a circus building that Oscar Carré had built in Cologne in 1878.
On December 2, 1887, the Circus Carré theater in Amsterdam was
opened with a spectacular Horse Show.
Because the circus only performed in Amsterdam in the winter months and traveled through
Europe the rest of the year, the circus building was converted into the Carré theater in 1920.
Ballet, opera, variety and revue, musical and cabaret performances
can still be seen in the theater Carré.