Panurbana 121 Eye filmmuseum

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Panurbana 121

Eye filmmuseum

Amsterdam Atlas
collage: 6 photos
format: 100 x 60 cm

 Amsterdam 2022

The Eye film museum on the IJ, designed by Austrian architects Roman Delugan (1963)
and Elke Delugan-Meissi (1959) and opened in 2012.
Has four cinemas, exhibition space, film lab, offices and a café-restaurant.
It houses the largest film library in the Netherlands, with screenplays, posters and film memorabilia.
The outside of the building resembles an eye and could explain the name Eye, or
is it a reference to the IJ, the water in front of the film museum?
The outside is covered with white plates that look like an Origami - Puzzle.
The panels consist of two shapes, the rhombus and trapezoid.
The walls and ceilings on the inside of the building are all under at
different angles to each other and the floor.
What is reminiscent of the film set of the film 'Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari' (1920)
directed by Robert Wiene.
But the white tones of the filmmuseum give the interior a friendly and cozy feeling