Panurbana 130 Amsterdome

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Panurbana 130

standing stone

Amsterdam Atlas
collage: 10 photos
format: 130 x 75 cm

 Amsterdam 2022

Vaccination location in the Amsterdome, (merging of Amsterdam and Avidome).
Avidome was the aviation and space museum at Schiphol Airport and was opened in 1971.
Due to a lack of space at Schiphol, the building moved to Lelystad airport
to be rebuilt in Amsterdam in 2018 as a conference center.
A striking feature of the building is the roof, a geodesic dome, designed
by the inventor Richard Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983).
The construction consists of 1100 aluminum plates and is self-supporting
and has a span of 60 meters and a height of 24 meters.
Geodesic domes have the strongest spatial construction form,
the bigger the dome, the stronger the construction.
Today, the Amsterdome serves as locations for the corona vaccination?