Panurbana 143 Artis aqarium

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Panurbana 143

Artis aquarium

Amsterdam Atlas
collage: 14 photos
format: 100 x 65 cm

The Artis aquarium was opened in 1882 and was the largest and most modern aquarium in Europe at the time.
It was designed by Gerlof Salm (1831-1897) who designed several buildings in the zoo.
To be able to bear the weight of the more than 60 different aquariums (640,000 liters of seawater,
225,000 liters of freshwater), the foundation of the building rests on 1740 piles.
The Lloyd water filter system on the ground floor has been ensuring that the water
in the various aquariums is refreshed for more than a hundred years.
About a million liters of water is slowly pumped around and supplies the basins with fresh oxygen-rich water.
The Lloyd system in the Artis aquarium is the only water filter system of this kind that is still working in the world.
The Aquarium is now closed and undergoing extensive renovation; the fish have moved to other aquariums.
The restoration will take several years.