Panurbana 153 politiepost nr. 7

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Panurbana 153

voormalige politiepost nr. 7

Amsterdam Atlas
collage: 9 photos
format: 130 x 130 cm

Police station Number 7 on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal was built in 1896
in Swiss Chalet style and designed by de Dienst Publieke Werken.
The police station was occupied day and night.
Officers walked their surveillance rounds from the post and thus monitored the neighborhood.
The police station consisted of a waiting room for the officers, a room for the sergeant
who had access to telegraphic communication, two toilets and a cell.
There were more than 50 such police posts throughout the city so that local
residents could quickly reach the police in case of an emergency.
When the telephone became commonplace, these posts slowly lost their function,
as the police were called by telephone.
In 1915 Police Station Number 7 became a public toilet that was used until 1984.
Nowadays the building has a catering function and the Stadspaleis restaurant is located here.