Panurbana 175 korenmolen de Bloem

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Panurbana 175

korenmolen de Bloem

Amsterdam Atlas

collage: 12 photos

format: 110 x 110 cm

Amsterdam 2023

Korenmolen de Bloem, built in 1768, stood on the Rijkeroort stronghold until 1878.
A stronghold is a protruding part of a defense structure.
The 17th century fortification of Amsterdam consisted of 26 strongholds and 25 of them contained mills.
The Rijkeroort stronghold was an extension of the Bloemgracht.
Due to the construction of the Marnixstraat, the mill was demolished in 1877 and parts were stored.
In 1878 the mill was rebuilt at its current location.
Korenmolen de Bloem is an octagonal tower mill, so the hull has 8 sides.
Korenmolen de Bloem has been managed by the Schuurman family since 1931.
An electric grinding chair was installed in the mill, so that grinding could be done even when there was no wind.
The mill was in operation until 1960, nowadays it still runs weekly to stay in condition.
The mill can still be visited during open mill days.