Panurbana 044 Berlagebrug 423

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Panurbana 044 Berlage brug

collage: 14 photos 

format: 150 x 80 cm

Amsterdam 2021

The Berlagebrug, connects Plan South by architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage (1856-1934) with Amsterdam East. 

The bridge was opened in 1932 is 80 meters long and 24 meters wide. It consists of five bays, in the middle the operatingtower.

A four meter high ceramic from sculptor Hildo Krop has been placed on the west side of the building. 

It is the city genius of Amsterdam rising from the water, the city's guardian spirit.

Standing on the city’s coat of arms adorned with the golden imperial crown, she is lit by a radiant sun. 

The colors of the bridge are: red and black from Amsterdam, gray natural stone,

yellowish Bavarian granite, red Limburg clinkers and green tiles. 

Like many Amsterdam bridges, it must be sprayed with water in warm weather to

prevent the bridge from expanding too much and from being unable to close.