Panurbana 073 gebouw Astoria

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Panurbana 073 Gebouw Astoria

collage: 10  photos

format: 120 x 120 cm

Amsterdam 2021

The Astoria building was built in 1905 as the head office of the first Hollandse Levensverzekerings Bank. 

It was founded in 1884 and dealt in Capital, Interest and National Insurance. 

The bank was taken over in 1979 by the Netherlands from 1870. And is now part of Generali Insurance Group. 

The building was designed by the architects H.H.Baanders (1849-1905) and Gerrit van Arkel (1858-1918). 

Two Briare tile mazees can be seen on the building, on which the insurance is symbolized by an angel protecting a mother with child. 

The building has a copper-covered tower on which the letters EHLB are incorporated in an iron construction. 

The Astoria building was extended on both sides in 1968 and extended in the same style by C. Wegener Schleswijk (1909-1991).