Panurbana Volkskoffiehuis handelsentrepot

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Panurbana 117

Volkskoffiehuis handelsentrepot

Amsterdam Atlas
collage: de 9 photos
format: 140 x 115 cm

 Amsterdam 2022

The ‘volks koffiehuis’ of the Gemeentelijk Handelsentrepot was
located next to the main entrance of the warehouse.
From 1899 it replaced the old Rijksentrepot at the Entrepotdok (1827-1895).
Customs legislation is introduced during the French occupation.
The warehouse was a closed customs area where goods were
temporarily stored (without paying import duties).
The excise duties were not paid until they were put on the market.
The cafe was located on the corner of the building and was run by
the Volksbond against Drank Abuse (founded in 1875).
The union campaigned for moderate consumption of alcohol
and especially wanted to prevent the abuse of spirits.
On the long side of the coffee house was the coffee room,
here the workers wait for work and were paid.
The manager lived above the cafe.