Panurbana 141 Surinaamse ballerina

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Panurbana 141

Surinaamse ballerina

Amsterdam Atlas
collage: 19 photos
format: 160 x 125 cm

On the corner of Paradiso (panurbana 068) and the Barlaeuslyceum (panurbana 007)
is the 15 meter high mural by Judith de Leeuw (1995).
On it, a Surinamese ballerina dances in a tornado of administrative papers from the municipality of Amsterdam.
The mural depicts themes such as bureaucracy and class inequality with the title: diversity in bureaucracy.
Beside, it is the first sustainable mural in the Netherlands.
It's painted with a CO2-compensating Airlite paint, wich can purify the air of harmful substances through the influence of light:
It can process the emissions of nineteen petrol cars per day and converts them into salt molecules.