Panurbana 146 café de Omval

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Panurbana 146

café de Omval

Amsterdam Atlas
collage: 18 photos
format: 115 x 60 cm

Café de Omval is located on the Weesper canal (built in 1639),
which connects Amsterdam with the river Vecht.
However, not for long, because in 2023 the cafe will be demolished
to make way for new construction.
Café de Omval lies in the shadow of the Rembrandt tower (built in 1995),
the Mondriaan tower (2001) and the Breitner tower (2001), (see Panurbana 086).
It stands on a corner, on the other side of the train track and is the
only remaining building of an original row of houses.
In 1938 the corner building was converted into a café called "De Kleine Kroon", a
fter which it was named "Café Wassenaar" and since 1974 it is "Café de Omval".
Café de Omval has to make way for a multifunctional wooden building that will bear the name "Spectrum".
The design was chosen after a design competition of the municipality of Amsterdam.