Panurbana 097 Amsterdamse Toneelschool

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Panurbana 097

Amsterdamse Toneelschool

collage: 20 photos
format: 150 x 110 cm

Amsterdam 20221

In 1870 the 'Nederlands Toneelverbond' was founded by Mr. J.N. van Hall (1840-1910)

Literary and politician. H.J.Schimmel (1823-1906) writer and poet. 

M.K. Kleine-Gartman (1818-1885) actress and first teacher at the Dutch drama school. 

The Nederlands Toneelverbond, founded to raise the acting performance to a higher level,

establishes the Amsterdam drama school. 

The school opened in 1874, the design of the school by Dolf van Gendt (1835-1901)

also (Villa Heineken, Concertgebouw, van Gendthallen). 

Many famous actors studied at the Dutch drama school. 

From 1968, the drama school became part of the theater school,

which is now the Academy of Theater and Dance of the AHK.