Panurbana 124 the Marine

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Panurbana 124

the Marine

Amsterdam Atlas
collage: 14 photos
format: 135 x 135 cm

 Amsterdam 2022

In 1901 Gerrit van Arkel (1858-1918) designed the office of
The Marine Insurance Company Limited, an English insurance company.
For the 'Amsterdam atlas' I have photographed buildings by G. van Arkel before,
such as the Helios building (Panurbana 91), the Transvaalseboer (Panurbana 93),
the Astoria building (Panurbana 73) and the Diamond cutting factory Asscher (Panurbana 112).
When photographing the ground floor of the building, my roll of film was full and no spare.
I was only able to photograph the upper floor weeks later. As a result, a photo is missing.
The Marine Insurance Company Limited left the premises in 1919 to move in with Nederlandsche Lloyd.
Until 1936, the Rokin was still connected to the Amstel.
A pound from skipper Roelf Post sailed in front of the insurance building.
In 1936 the Rokin was filled in and the skipper became the
first parking attendant of the parking lot on the Rokin.